Naughty ‘Never Have I Ever’ Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

‘Never have I ever’ is that supreme game where we spend hours in playing. Aside from playing this game with strangers, you can even play this game with bae to be able to understand him better. It’s not simply an enjoyable way to reveal your secrets but may even bring both of you closer. Therefore, here are 10 naughty ‘never have I ever’ questions to understand your man better.

1. ‘Never have I ever watched pornography without even telling you’
It’s a lie if it’s a no!

2. ‘Never have I ever gone on a blind date’
Accept it, all of us have been there.

3. ‘Never have I ever done skinny dipping’
*Wink* if you haven’t.

4. ‘Never have I listened to you since I needed to go out with my buddies’
It is completely fine if you have.

5. ‘Never have I ever faked orgasm’
Let us accept this, you’ve got.

6. ‘Never have I ever stripped for someone else’
Getting hint?

7. ‘Never have I ever desired to use a sex toy’
Note this stage.

8. ‘Never have I ever liked someone just for sex’
This is an interesting story.

9. ‘Never have I ever clicked naked pictures’

10.  ‘Never have I ever liked someone just for sex’

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